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Kazan City

The capital of Tatarstan republic - the city of Kazan is situated in the northwest of Tatarstan. The city is stretched along two banks of Kazanka River - at the place of its conjunction with the Volga River. It's beautifying to see when a city stands on two rivers. Main point of Kazan sightseeing is Kremlin which is under the UNESCO protection as an ancient monument. Its old walls make remember so many events!

Anyone who visits this region falls in love with the nature forever. The great Volga, meadows, forests, fields, variety of flora and fauna can't leave anybody indifferent. The winters really mesmerizes with snowfalls, icy rivers, New Year and Christmas, frosts - a good time for skiing and skating. In summer its hot here - sometimes over +30C. Just wonderful a time! One can also enjoy the city walking down its centuries-old streets, buildings, parks and squares. Kazan is an amazing mess of the Russian and Tatar cultures! But you should see it yourself. No words can explain its attraction and charm.

August 30, 2005 witnessed the capital of Tatarstan celebrating a significant event commemorating its 1000-year anniversary. 1000 years!!! Its just fascinating to live in such an ancient city.