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moscow state university of medicine & Dentistry (MSUMD)

MSUMD has gain a foot hold by being a leader in the field of under graduate and post graduate training in dental and general medicine in Russia.It is to the credit of this university that in about 80% of all doctors and serving in hospital and clinics have graduaded from MSUMD.

There are various department in the university and they are-

Department of Dentistry

This was founded in the year 1922.Annually there are around 300 new students joining additionally of which 200-250 students are from Russia joining on scholarship basis and around 130 students on payment basis.
This department is headed by 14 experienced professors with additional 580 professors in which around 80 hold a Ph.D degree.

Department Of General Medicine

This department was founded in the year 1968 and admits around 250 students per year, having a total strength of around 1500 students at one time.This department in turn has an astonishing 36 additional departments.The system stresses a lot on continiou upgradation and innovation of curicullam.Apart from the regular course of studies emphasis is laid on the happening achievements and inventions in the world of medicine and medical world.

The department employees more than 80 professors, 170 associate professors, 167 assistant lecturer and 35 lectuteres and incredibly more than 260 hold a Ph.D.

Department of Clinical Psychology

This Department came into being in 2001.This has a training period of 5 years.This Department works in close association with Moscow State University in mutual development of scientific solutions and training specialists to manage patients in need of psychological help.