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The Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA) is a leading higher education establishment of Russia which trains Civil Aviation specialists, it is the house of happening science and culture where training and retraining specialists and fundamental scientific research on a wide range of scientific, technical, humanities and economic directions are carried out.

The MSTUCA graduates can work not only in Civil Aviation but in any industry and transport. The University has creative links with many foreign educational establishments and trains foreign students from 30 countries.

The University is headed by experienced scientists - educators, many of them being widely known both in Russia and abroad. The Training and research laboratories are equipped with modern computers, instruments and devices, stands, models, simulators, working models of aviation equipment, technical training and knowledge test aids. This makes it possible to conduct classes and carry out scientific work at the up-to-date level of science and technology.


Maintenance of aircraft and engines;
Maintenance of aircraft electric systems and flight-navigation complexes (aircraft avionics);
Maintenance of transport radio equipment;
Applied mathematics
Computers, computing complexes, systems and networks
Training is conducted on a multi-level basis which enables to obtain the following degrees.


Duration - 4 years
Eligibility - Min. 50% in PCM Group in 12th Standerd (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)


Duration - 2 years after B.E.
Eligibility - Min. 50% in PCM Group in 12th Standerd (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

The university also has extended post graduate courses that train specialists of higher qualification in the following fields:

POST GRADUATE specialities

  • Maintenance of air transport
  • Automation of technological
  • Processes and productions
  • Computers, computing complexes and networks
  • Radiolocation and radio navigation
  • Radio technical and TV systems and devices
  • Radio physics
  • Economics and management of national economy
  • Economic-mathematical methods
  • Computing mathematics
The University has a training airfield and radio field equipped with modern aircraft and radar equipment where classes are conducted under conditions close to real ones.

MSTUCA arranges production practice for students at base enterprises of Civil Aviation - plants, airports, scientific-research institutions of Civil Aviation.

The University computer network includes display class-rooms for group and individual classes of students, the library information system, automated work places of scientific-research and managerial subdivisions, a software-hardware complex enabling the users to use external computer networks.

The University library is provided with text-books for specialties of all the departments, on crucial problems of science and techno¬logy, social sciences. It is one of the best aviation-oriented libraries of Russia.

MSTUCA is a major research center. Here fundamental research and design work on the problems of safety of flights, mainte¬nance and repair of aviation equipment, radiolocation and air traffic control, commercial operation of air transport, management of aviation transport enterprises, and methodology of higher education is car¬ried out to the benefit of Civil Aviation and other industries.

The University has a sport complex and many sport clubs. The sport complex includes a track-and field stadium and a football field, special gyms for sporting games, tennis courts, a skiing base and functional rehabilitation complex. The University teams and athletes have repeatedly become champions and prize-winners of Russia and Moscow.

The spacious movie-concert hall equipped with modern cinema and video projection equipment, acoustic and illuminating systems, rehearsal premises provide good conditions for amateur activities, movie-lectures, concerts of masters of art and popular musical groups.